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WBX Vega MC Chair (for microscopes)

Vega is a specially designed ergonomic clinic chair perfectly suited for use as a microscope chair. BLACK ONLY

Options available at additional cost are shown below.

– Dual foot disk height control 200 mm [12 inch]
– Hydraulic star base 150mm.
– Footring

WBX Vega MC Chair

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Available Options

Polished hydraulic star base

Foot control

Adjustable foot rest / foot ring

The Vega microscope chair has been designed for those professionals who prefer a traditional seat combined with the contoured ergonomic back to give complete multi-functional support to any one using a microscope or similar device.

The rotating arms move freely in an arc to give total support and are both height and width adjustable, they accommodate all arm movements during those  intricate examinations and operations - this is a unique feature of this chair and exclusive to WBX Medical.

The large arm pads give total support to your forearms on a solid platform for those tasks during the day. The chair is fitted with the 3 lever cream mechanism with matching componentry that allows the user to adjust both the seat and back independently to position the seat and back in any desired position. 

The seat or back can  also be left in "free float" mode in between the more intricate examinations to freely move in the chair without locking….. providing a relaxing therapeutic movement for the occupant.

Please note that the dual height foot control is not available on this chair as it uses a completely different bespoke polished alloy base to the rest of our range.The multi-functional Vega MS is a great asset to any professional using a microscope or similar device.

Additional information

Cylinder height

140mm, 150mm, 200mm

Upholstery Colour

Black Only